Soft Shell Crabs: A Guide


In the subdivision of crustaceans, hermit crabs are the animals that are seen as unusual. The hermit crabs are hatched from eggs and without a shell. They have a soft abdomen and a hard exoskeleton which regenerates many times throughout their lives, the crab is forced in nature to find the shell of a discarded sea snail to maintain protection from predators in the wild. Hermit crabs, in their whole life they borrow the shells that were otherwise discarded in nature. This is a fascinating feature that is exclusive only to hermit crabs in the crustacean family.

In nature, not only do hermit crabs without shells have to find a shell out of necessity, when changing or outgrowing their shells, they also must find new shells to occupy and quickly. Sometimes in actions of dominance, hermit crabs have been known to fight with each other to obtain an otherwise occupied shell. As you can see, it is important to have as many shell options available to these crabs as possible, so scarcity issues do not arise and each crab feels comfortable looking for new shells which fit them excellently. Check this homepage to know more!

Each hermit crab is unique in their shell preferences, since some crabs stay in their shells for a very long time, while others move from shell to shell much more frequently. Some crabs will hold on to their shell even if it is partially damaged or they have outgrown it, like some people holding on to their prized and most comfortable shirts even though there are holes, it is dirty and has an awful smell. The exposed parts of the crab, mostly the legs and claws, are protected by their natural exoskeleton, which they shed multiple times in their lives in a natural process called molting. Usually, after the crab's malt, they often go in search of a new shell. For more info about soft shell crabs, visit .

To recreate the natural environment and to put your crabs at ease, it is best to offer them many shells in their cage. This will help mitigate territorial issues and fights from breaking out, and may save the life of your hermit crabs by preventing such matters from fighting crabs can fight to the death by smashing their enemy out of their shell. You can normally find a large selection of shells at your local pet store, craft store, or even street or local fairs. More designs and decorations are becoming common as shells contain paints, check it out !!